Round 7 RJV College Vote Deadline May 31

Important College Vote Needed – Round 7 Regional Joint Ventures – Deadline Tuesday, May 31 Recommendations regarding the funding of RJVs from Round 7 of the Regional SWP Fund are now ready for your review and your college’s vote.  The RJV Committee reviewed the 13 eligible proposals and recommended 7 for full or partial funding […]

RJV Platform Opens for Round 7 Proposals

RJV Platform Opens for Round 7 Proposals The RJV platform is now open and accepting RJV proposals through April 15, 2022. Please find below the R7 timeline. This will be a topic of discussion on the next several BACCC calls such that we can answer any questions you may have. Rough amount available (tied to […]

BACCC Memo: SWP Round 6 Augmentations – RJV Cost Sharing

Final Round 6 Direct-to-College Allocations The Chancellor’s Office January 13, 2022 memo provided the long awaited distribution of the SWP Round 6 augmentation and a welcome extension of the expenditure deadline from 6/30/23 to 12/31/23. The memo provides the allocation of Local SWP funds to each college and Regional SWP funds to the region as […]

BACCC Memo: Round 6 RJV Recommendations Approved by Region

The Regional Priorities Committee’s (RPC) recommendation to fund 6 Regional Joint Ventures for a total cost to the RJV Fund of $1,670,368 passed with all 28 colleges voting to approve without reservations.  Cost Sharing The RPC recommended that the costs of two of the RJVs be shared with the participating colleges (CyberCamps and Netlab). Two […]