Program Recommendation


The program recommendation process outlined by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) requires that all requests to add new programs or certificates to a college’s inventory of occupational programs include a recommendation from the Regional Consortium.

The process is intended to inform regional discussion and foster collaboration with the goal of developing and advancing career education programs that address the local workforce and student needs. 

Submission Process

If you are a faculty or staff member who has been tasked with developing a new CTE certificate or degree program, you will need to secure BACCC recommendation before you submit your program approval documents to the State Chancellor’s Office for formal approval (chaptering).

How to Submit a Program Recommendation

Request LMI from the Center of Excellence (COE)

To start the recommendation process, request the latest Labor Market Information by completing a online LMI form.

LMI Request

Review & Discuss Your COE LMI Report

Review current LMI for related market/economic conditions & similar programs in your service area.

Complete “Request for Regional Recommendation” Online Form

Colleges submit programs including COE LMI report to Regional CTE by the deadline.

Program Recommendation Review & Voting Process

Ballot is sent with voting deadline. Recommendations are finalized during the BACCC monthly call .

BACCC Meetings

BACCC Post-Vote Follow Up

After the vote, the BACCC will send a confirmation notice with consent agenda for inclusion when submitting to CCCCO for chaptering.

2023-2024 Program Submission Deadlines

Deadline to SubmitMeeting Date
Friday, May 24, 2024Thursday, June 20, 2024
Friday, June 21, 2024Thursday, July 18, 2024
NO BACCC Call in August
Friday, August 23, 2024Thursday, September 19, 2024
Friday, September 20, 2024Thursday, October 17, 2024
Friday, October 25, 2024Thursday, November 21, 2024
Friday, November 22, 2024Thursday, December 19, 2024