NOVA can be found at the following link:

NOVA Access Request and Tech Support

If you need a NOVA account, please go to and select Request Access to NOVA. NOVA Access Request Instructions for first time users will be contacted by receiving an email confirming their request.

If you need help, encounter any unexpected issues, have a question, or need to assign different roles or user permissions for your college - please launch NOVA at, then look for the “Help Bubble” icon in the lower right corner and follow instructions to submit a Support Request. Please note that once arriving on this site for the first time, individuals will need to set up a login for Help support.

NOVA Training

The NOVA Sandbox provides a place for you to preview and get familiar with fiscal reporting, creating projects and refining projects. Work done in the Sandbox will not be reflected in the production environment of NOVA.

Using your regular NOVA login, feel free to experiment!
We recommend that you review the NOVA Instructional Videos to get familiar with NOVA features and operation.

WEDD SWP 2.0 / NOVA SWP 2.0 Resources (NOT FOR K-12 SWP)

NOVA 2.0 Plan Workflow video
SWP 2.0 FAQs This FAQ (via the Chancellor's Office) covers questions gathered from webinars and Help Desk requests.

11/17/20 CO Memo Round 5 SWP planning guide This is an overview of planning Round 5 NOVA projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SWP Report will provide all information for your reporting needs. A key point to keep in mind is that this tool is a static view of your projects, so it will not reflect NOVA changes made subsequent to the request.

If you edit project budgets and adjust or enter new fiscal reports, simply request another SWP report when those changes are complete to see the new information. Expect a 24 hour delay before your NOVA changes will appear in the next requested SWP report.

Request the SWP report with this form: SWP Report Request Form. It will be emailed to you (email is from shortly after submitting the request. A key strength of this tool is that it contains all NOVA data in a Google Sheet that can be customized and shared with your team. Additional columns are provided to identify key areas of focus such as when the last fiscal report was filed, projects, budgets, expenditures, live links to the NOVA projects, and the ability to make notes and determine next steps with your team. Be sure to check out the Details page where you can see your budgets and expenditures by object code for every project.

NOVA Checklist

Yes! We have created this complete checklist to help guide individuals through each step of the process.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us.