Strengthening alignment through strategic partnerships allows us to better serve both our regional students and employers. Engaging regional resources in collaborative efforts focused on preparing learners for livable-wage career opportunities or enrollment in post-secondary pathways results in:

  • alignment of education and workforce goals
  • accelerated time from enrollment to employment
  • broader and more flexible range of available options
  • improved program quality
  • economies of scale

Working together we can leverage individual partner experience, networks and resources to meet our local current and future workforce needs.


Engaging with our regional education partners allows us to create, support and expand high-quality career education programs that align with regional priorities and workforce development efforts. Creating career pathways and roadmaps through collaboration across our education systems results in increased enrollments, retention and completion rates improving employment opportunities for students.

Economic & Workforce Development​

Workforce system partnerships are essential to building career education curriculum and programs that address our regional industry and employer needs. Through collaboration, we can identify high-growth and emerging fields and develop programs focused on in-demand skills that prepare our local workforce for living-wage employment and career advancement opportunities. 

Advocacy ​

Connecting with advocacy groups in our region that share our goal of developing a highly-skilled, qualified, diverse workforce for our local economy creates a powerful channel to advance BACCC’s mission. Through partnerships with these organizations, we can influence and advance education and workforce policies and initiatives to drive high-level, impactful program, policy and funding changes that positively impact our stakeholders.  

Workforce Development Platform