RJV Platform Opens for Round 7 Proposals

The RJV platform is now open and accepting RJV proposals through April 15, 2022. Please find below the R7 timeline. This will be a topic of discussion on the next several BACCC calls such that we can answer any questions you may have.

Rough amount available (tied to many moving parts so will likely be adjusted): $2.9M


RJV Platform Open for R7 Proposals


Scoring rubric available in platform and shared in a variety of BACCC venues

Document outlining Tips for Submitting a Successful RJV available


Deadline for submission of R7 RJVs 

Deadline for receiving endorsements by college reps from at least 4 colleges

Definition of Endorsement: Endorsers are committing the college to participate and invest in the RJV

Host colleges MUST be confirmed and named in the RJV application by the submission deadline

OPTIONAL: Submission of short RJV videos to enlist stakeholders and/or alert the region to be included with the vote         

4/18 – 5/6/22     

RJV Committee Reviews, prepares funding recommendations

Two full-day, in-person, RJV deliberation meetings:

  1. Thurs, 4/21/22, 10AM-3PM – Location TBD

  2. Fri, 4/29/22, 10AM-3PM – Location TBD

5/9 – 5/20/22

Colleges vote on committee recommendation – window for college reps to schedule a meeting with your leadership to review the RJVs and your college’s endorsement(s) / participation                                                                                              


BACCC releases list of RJVs that are funded as a result of the vote                   


Grant Award Notifications provided to awarded RJVs

6/6 – 6/10/22

BACCC NOVA Training for New RJV Leads

6/13 – 6/17/22

Onboarding Training for new RJV Leads  

6/15  – 7/1/22

R7 RJV contracts generated and distributed to grantees


Deadline: RJV NOVA Projects submitted in NOVA


FY21-22 Q3-Q4 Progress Reports due for active RJVs 


FY22-23 Q1-Q2 Progress Report Due / Overview shared on subsequent BACCC Call


FY22-23 Q3-Q4 Progress Report Due / Overview shared on subsequent BACCC Call


Deadline to expend R7 RJV funds


Final RJV Report Due / Overview shared on subsequent BACCC Call