Important College Vote Needed – Round 7 Regional Joint Ventures – Deadline Tuesday, May 31

Recommendations regarding the funding of RJVs from Round 7 of the Regional SWP Fund are now ready for your review and your college’s vote. 

The RJV Committee reviewed the 13 eligible proposals and recommended 7 for full or partial funding from the RJV Fund for a total commitment of $1,266,500. The RJV and Regional Priorities Committees recommend allocating the balance of $1,412,500 to the subregions. If the current recommendation is approved, the Regional Priorities Committee will return to the region with a recommendation for how to allocate the remaining funds to the subregions. 

The funding recommendations are available here:  RJV R7 Recommendations

Colleges are asked to consider the entire package of recommendations and vote to approve, approve with reservations, or disapprove the entire package. Nineteen (⅔) colleges must approve or approve with reservations for the package to be approved. 

As is always the case, when the region is committing Regional SWP Funds, we ask that you consult with your college leadership prior to registering your vote. The deadline to vote is Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Votes can be edited at any time up until midnight on the 31st.

How to Vote

To cast your college’s vote go to Select RJVs/RJV R7 Vote. You will need to login to cast your vote. If you have forgotten your password, click forgot at the login prompt. If you are a new college rep and don’t have an account, click Sign Up at the login prompt. Be sure to select College Rep under SWP Role

College Cost Sharing

The cost of several of the RJV’s is recommended to be shared with participating colleges. If the region approves the recommendations, the college share for an RJV will be redirected from the participating college’s R7 Regional SWP Direct-to-College allocation unless the college opts out of participating in the RJV. Instructions for all of this will be provided after the vote on the recommendations is completed. 


Volunteers were solicited from each of our 5 subregions to serve on the RJV Committee charged with reviewing the applications and making recommendations to the region. The Committee spent many hours reviewing proposals and met 3 times to develop their collective recommendations. The Regional Priorities Committee then reviewed and endorsed the recommendations and passed them along to the region for a vote. RJV Committee and Regional Priorities Committee Membership 


Many thanks to our Regional Priorities Committee members who spent many hours reading proposals and deliberating to develop the recommendations. 

Thank you for registering your vote and please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.