TO: K12 SWP Grantees Round 2 & 3
RE: BACCC guidance for closing K12 Strong Workforce Program grants
DATE: 3/14/23


Performance Periods:

  • Round 2 (19-20): 7/1/2020 – 12/31/2022

  • Round 3 (20-21): 1/1/2021 – 6/30/2023


A R2 close out webinar was recorded on 11/2/22 for more details.

Key Dates for Round 2:


Performance Period Deadline


Fiscal Reporting Deadline in NOVA for Rounds 2-4


Round 2 Final Report Deadline*

  • Fiscal and narrative questions for all partners that receive grant funds

  • Partners that only provided match do NOT need to report


Cal Pass Plus Data Upload due

*2022-23 Q4 reports (which are outside of the R2 performance period) are required to be submitted with zero additional expenditures in order to access the Final Report

A complete calendar of reporting deadlines can be found here.

Frog Report

The Fiscal Reporting Overview Google sheet (FROG) includes budget, financial match and expenditure data from NOVA for each institution included in the selected K12 SWP grant.

Budget Modification:

  • Budget modifications must still be aligned with the project and outcomes. Modifications must include which object codes (or institutions) you’re moving from, why funds are being moved, and if outcomes will be substantially changed.

  • If the change is less than 10% of the grant amount, a new NOVA feature allows the Project Lead to make the changes without uncertifying the plan.

  • Budget modifications are needed if the change is greater than 10% of the grant. Budget modification will take up to a week to approve.


  • Match will be viewed across the whole grant and not by object code or institution. Any changes to match will be reflected with uploaded documentation and a budget modification is not needed.


  • All grantees received 70% of funds at the beginning of the grant period. Invoices for remaining 30% funds must match expenditures entered in your final report in NOVA. If you have not spent the full amount of grant, general ledger, invoicing and NOVA all need to match.

  • BACCC fiscal team will review the invoice and follow up with questions.


  • All partners that received funds need to complete the narrative reporting by 3/31/23. R2 narrative questions are available in NOVA now.



If you have questions, please email and/or reach out to your K12 Pathway Coordinator.