K12 SWP Invoicing

K12 Strong Workforce Program grantees receive 70% of the awarded funds as an advance once the contract between the lead LEA and BACCC/Cabrillo CCD is ratified. LEAs may invoice for expenditures made over the initial 70% advance at anytime and no later than 6 weeks after the last fiscal report of the grant is due. To invoice, expenditures must first be reported in NOVA.

Steps to Invoice

  1. Obtain a detailed general ledger report from you accounting/business office showing K12 SWP expenditures for the invoice period (spreadsheet preferred)
  2. Report all grant expenditures in NOVA. Match expenditures most also be reported in NOVA before a payment will be made on a submitted invoice.
  3. Print to PDF the last certified fiscal report from NOVA to include with invoice in Step 5
  4. Complete the K12 SWP Invoice and Certification of Grant Expenditures form, available to below. Ensure that the remit address is the same as the one on your contract.
  5. Upload the form, the detailed general ledger report and the NOVA fiscal report using the button below.