Dear SWP Primary Contact, In anticipation of a busy February, we want to give you as much notice as possible about the following time-sensitive topics:

Fiscal Report Deadlines and Tools

The deadline for submission of Bay Region FY21-22 Q2 Fiscal reports in NOVA for Rounds 1 – 5 of SWP Local and Regional Projects is 2/15/22. This report should reflect all expenditures from project start through the end of Q2, 12/31/21. This is a critical report that will show how each college and the region as a whole stands with respect to spend-down of SWP funds. 

Tools for reporting and viewing data entered in NOVA can be found on the SWP Expenditure Resources webpage. This page contains links to fiscal tools such as the SWP Report, Glance Report and the Knack SWP Tracking platform. Contact if you have questions or need assistance with these tools. For your convenience, tool links are listed below: 

SWP Round 6 Timeline Update 

The 1/13/22 CO Memo regarding SWP Round 6 Augmentation allocation memo includes a Round 6 revised timeline. Please review the memo to make sure that these key milestones and other details are included in your plans:

  3/01/2022 R6 Local and Regional Plans submitted or certified in NOVA

  6/30/2022 Q1 and Q2 FY 21-22 Fiscal Reports due in NOVA

12/31/2023      R6 Funds expire  

Fiscal Reporting for Multi-College Projects

The Q2 FY 21-22 Fiscal Reporting deadline is 2/15/22 for Rounds 1 – 5 of SWP NOVA Projects. We will use a successful approach from the past, where projects remain certified during the entire fiscal reporting period. This method provides Colleges with two full weeks to enter expenditures in NOVA without the delay of waiting for multiple layers of project plan certification from multiple people.  

Since the most important outcome of this time period is to report all Round 1 – Round 5 Strong Workforce expenditures through 12/31/21, the focus is on fiscal reporting, not on NOVA budget updates. If you realize that the project budget needs an adjustment during the fiscal reporting process, make a note of that item, continue reporting expenditures and prepare to uncertify the proposal for updates after all partners have completed fiscal reporting by 2/15. As always, if you need to update your plan budget, be sure to check in with your collaborative partners before NOVA plans are uncertified. If they are still in the process of submitting fiscal reports, uncertifying the project plan will halt their process. You can find the partners’ contact information in the NOVA project plan.

Here are the steps to confirm if Participating Colleges have completed their fiscal reports:

  1. Enter NOVA and select the Regional Project.
  2. In the upper right corner, select Fiscal Reporting. If the project is uncertified, there will not be a Fiscal Reporting button.
  3. All participating colleges in the multi-college project will be listed at the topmost table entitled Fiscal Report Submitting Status with their fiscal reports shown by quarter. Each quarter will say either submitted or not submitted. Further down the page, individual college fiscal reports display tabs for each quarter. Those tabs will say Incomplete if colleges have not reported, or Complete if they have. 
  4. Notice of Important Change in NOVA If your multi-college project began before FY 21-22, all colleges must have submitted and certified fiscal reports in all prior fiscal years. If this does not occur, NOVA will not allow the FY21-22 Fiscal Reports to be submitted or certified. 
  5. You may need to contact colleges with incomplete reports and agree upon a date for when fiscal reports from past years will be completed so that all colleges can complete fiscal reporting for this year. You may also wish to set a second date by which all colleges will have completed the current fiscal reports after which colleges can uncertify the project so they can update the project plan and budget. 

The following timeline will guide multi-college projects to a successful finish by 2/15/22:

   2/1/22        Lead College ensures their Multi-College Regional Projects are certified
and that prior fiscal year reports have been submitted

2/2 – 2/15 All Colleges complete and submit FY21-22 Q2 Fiscal Reports

   2/15  Local and Regional Fiscal Reports complete and certified 

   2/16  Colleges can uncertify NOVA plans and edit budgets 

New Process for Submitting Invoices for Reimbursement of Expenditures

Reimbursements of expenditures from Rounds 1-4 are made using the FIFO Invoice Template. Be sure to include a detailed general ledger statement with NOVA Projects cross-referenced, ideally following the format in this template. 

When complete and ready to send to BACCC, please upload the invoice and supporting documents in the Community College SWP Document Submission repository on the BACCC SWP webpage. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions or need support.Thank you for your daily heroics on behalf of students!