RVPA @ SMPTE Meeting at Goal Line 2024

Thank you Goal Line Studios!

RVPA Faculty Lead: Sahra Bhimji

Goal Line Studios hosted my Virtual Production 1 class, along with other faculty and students from the RVPA. I brought 24 students to the event, offering them their first exposure to a real LED volume. The studio’s collaboration was impressive, as they invited students to submit Unreal files for projection on the wall. The Disguise operator worked closely with the students to optimize and prepare the files for display.

During the visit, Goal Line Studios orchestrated a demonstration of virtual production in action. Two actors, a production designer, and a director showcased how to shoot a live-action scene using the LED wall. Following the demo, students engaged in a Q&A session with the professionals, delving into the technical aspects of virtual production. A tour of the facilities, featuring Oakland Raiders and John Madden memorabilia, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the panels and media servers, concluded the event.

This experience provided an invaluable opportunity for students to witness and actively participate in the professional virtual production process. Many students even attended a second event later in the evening, joining local SMPTE and VES chapters for networking and a compelling lecture by virtual production expert Noah Kadner.

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