Berkeley City College Advances in Virtual Production with Backscreen Projection

Berkeley City College is making significant advancements in virtual production, with students William Letchworth and Sasank Salem at the forefront, as evidenced by the recent installation of a backscreen projection system. Spearheaded by faculty member Mary Clark-Miller, this exciting development promises to enhance the creative capabilities of students and faculty alike.

According to Mary Clark-Miller, “Exciting news! We are making strides in virtual production at Berkeley City College. Our team has successfully set up a back screen projection and it looks like it will be a great complement to our existing green screen studio. This new addition will provide students with more options for shooting virtual production sets.”

The backscreen projection system represents a valuable addition to the college’s resources, expanding the possibilities for immersive storytelling and visual effects. By offering an alternative to traditional green screen setups, students can explore diverse approaches to virtual production, fostering innovation and experimentation.

Furthermore, Mary Clark-Miller mentions, “We are eager to test out our Mars tracking capabilities next week. In preparation, we conducted a basic lighting test this week in front of the screen. Stay tuned for updates on our progress!”

This proactive approach to testing and experimentation reflects Berkeley City College’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in media production. With Mars tracking capabilities on the horizon, students can anticipate even more exciting opportunities to push the boundaries of virtual storytelling.

As Berkeley City College continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and provide hands-on experiences for its students, the future of virtual production looks brighter than ever. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this innovative initiative!