The Bay Region’s K12 SWP Selection Committee has completed its review of the applications requesting a total of $54,122,624 from the region’s K12 SWP Round 6 allocation of $28,380,398. Of the 55 applications submitted, 38 received scores of 75 or above, making them eligible for funding. Funds were insufficient to make awards to all eligible applications. Of the eligible applications, 33 were funded, 12 at the level requested, and 21 at no less than 75% of the amount requested. The preliminary awards are listed below, with a more detailed listing available at Bay Area R6 K12 SWP Preliminary Awards.

Final Awards
Once the window of appeals is closed (Dec 5, 2023) and any appeals are addressed, BACCC will communicate final awards to the lead LEAs no later than Dec 15, 2023, and will initiate the subcontracting process.

Our many thanks to the 22 members of the Selection Committee who attended 10-25 hours of meetings and devoted 15 to 40 hours reviewing applications. We are grateful to the two Co-chairs, Christina Read, and Julie Ann Edwards, who, in addition to the above, spent many more hours developing and reviewing process recommendations for the full committee to consider.

Don Daves-Rougeaux
K-14 Technical Assistance Provider


Kit O’Doherty 
Co-chair, BACCC


Rock Pfotenhauer
Co-chair, BACCC


Sharon Turner
K-14 Technical Assistance Provider