Attention K12 Strong Workforce Program Grantees,

It is time to upload your 2022-2023 data to Cal-PASS Plus! Please follow the six steps below (see attached instructions for details) to ensure you meet your grantee data upload requirements by November 1st, 2023. If you have any questions regarding the status of your upload to Cal-PASS Plus, please contact the Help Desk

To meet the requirements of the K12 SWP grant, please follow these 6 steps to upload your required data to Cal-PASS Plus (see attached PPT for details about each step):

  1. Determine your responsibility to submit data.
  2. Check your organization’s Cal-PASS Plus MOU Status
  3. Identify which years of data need to be submitted.
  4. Check what data your organization has already submitted.
  5. Download CALPADS ODS Extracts from CDE website.
  6. Upload CALPADS ODS Extracts to Cal-PASS Plus

If you need any assistance with your upload we encourage you to view the data-upload video or book a data-upload session with Cal-PASS Plus.

Your K12 Pathway Coordinator is also an excellent resource to support your upload.