2024 Q1 ICT-DM Newsletter

4th Quarter Meeting

Happy Spring 2024!

The BayICT Support Team has much to summarize in this newsletter ahead of the next BayICT Partnership meeting (see below). We recognize and appreciate that our accomplishments and plans have been driven by your insight and experience, especially when collaboration is essential to the outcomes. Hoping that this update keeps you informed, engaged, and curious to learn more, we look forward to your continued support.

Non-Tech Employer Engagement

As mentioned, the BayICT Partnership has set a priority on connecting our ICT students with tech jobs and work experience in non-tech businesses and organizations. There is a misperception that ICT career paths are to the tech industry. However, in September 2023, the COE identified 9,721 job openings for tech jobs in the region’s top 25 non-tech employers. Given the cyclical instability of jobs in the tech industry, we need to raise awareness of these often overlooked opportunities, especially within our regional employers, many unaware that local community colleges are developing the talent they seek.

We are proposing a project to develop an awareness and outreach strategy to engage talent management leaders within the region’s top employers. The goal is to establish relationships with medium to large organizations across all sectors that support their goals for talent acquisition, DEI, K12 pipelines, and other CSR initiatives through marketing, communications, events, and joint programs. It is also an intent for the project’s outcomes to apply beyond ICT/DM to each of the region’s priority sectors.

BayICT Tech Talks

Ángel G. Fuentes led a February Tech Talk on AI. This was a very engaging presentation and Q&A that delved into the following topics:

  • Understanding Generative AI and LLMs
  • AI Applications in Education
  • Incorporating Generative AI
  • Where Generative AI Goes Wrong

Recent months featured exceptional speakers in our Tech Talk Series, discussing virtual production, cyber security, internet infrastructure, and professional growth. Explore event recordings through the links below.

AIDA Updates

📌    The AIDA RJV has consistently garnered recognition both regionally and statewide. Our sincere appreciation goes out to our dedicated faculty members, Tuan Nguyen and Kyla Oh, for their steadfast commitment to sustaining the momentum at Laney College.
📌    Tuan Nguyen submitted the proposal for an AI Discipline this past September. The first hearing in November was successful, and they are now preparing for the second hearing at the ASCCC Conference in April 2024 (April 18th-20th) which will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center area.
📌    Expanding Horizons: Ángel G. Fuentes of Evergreen Valley College has continued to be a valueable participant within the AIDA RJV. He will be presenting during this Spring’s 2024 California Community College Association for Occupational Education (CCCAOE) Conference in April.
📌   Academic Senate California Community Colleges Publishes “Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, and Ethics: An Educational Perspective” written by Tuan NguyenHeather Sisneros & Karen Chow

RVPA Updates

🎥 Ohlone College Unveils State-of-the-Art Green Screen Studio
In a significant leap forward for hands-on education, Ohlone College has recently unveiled its latest addition – a colossal green screen studio measuring an impressive 24’7” by 21’. This development is set to revolutionize the way students in the Digital Arts and Interactive Design Department engage with Virtual Production, Lighting and Layout, and Motion Graphics.

Monica Cappiello, Assistant Professor in the Digital Arts and Interactive Design Department, played a pivotal role in bringing this innovative studio to life. Her expertise and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the curriculum, ensuring students receive a comprehensive education in utilizing green screens for creative digital projects.

🎥 RVPA @ SMPTE Meeting at Goal Line 2024
Goal Line Studios hosted my Virtual Production 1 class, along with other faculty and students from the RVPA. I brought 24 students to the event, offering them their first exposure to a real LED volume. The studio’s collaboration was impressive, as they invited students to submit Unreal files for projection on the wall. The Disguise operator worked closely with the students to optimize and prepare the files for display.” Sahra Bhimji

🎥 RVPA @ WASTC Winter Conference 2024
Topic: Bridging the Future in Regional Virtual Production
The RVPA Winter Conference 2024 was an electrifying convergence of minds, ideas, and technological innovation under the overarching theme, “It’s The Human Network.” As we transitioned from years of virtual conferences, this event celebrated the power of personal connections and collaboration in ICT education.

“We spotlighted the collaborative Regional Virtual Production Academy, a partnership among six Bay Area colleges reshaping education. Our emphasis on equity led discussions on community colleges leading high-tech industry research and fostering impactful industry partnerships. Thanks, Richard Grotegut, for fostering a dialogue that reshapes norms in education and industry integration.” Joann Denning

🎥 RVPA Info Sessions
In preparation for the Fall 2024 program launch, the RVPA has begun its outreach and promotion. Member colleges are getting the word out to their game design, animation, and film production students and we’re offering monthly RVPA Info Sessions for students and faculty looking for more information about the program and how to get started toward earning the VP Fundamentals or VP Advanced Certificate of Achievement. Check the events on the RVPA web page for upcoming info sessions.

3/14 @6PM Rebecca Perry and Evan Cervantes, Lux Machina Consulting
🎥 AA in Virtual Production is in the Approval Process
The RVPA continues to make progress on program implementation. The AA in Virtual Production is in the approval process and next in the queue in a VP Professional certificate, aimed at skill builders. The leadership has completed the first draft of the RVPA Collaborative Handbook, which documents the content and processes required to deliver this collaborative program. The handbook is a draft because processes are still being refined, specifically for those related to the role the California Virtual Campus plays in providing student access and information. If you’re interested in being a reviewer of the draft, please contact Olivia Herriford at olivia@baccc.net.

🎥 CCCAOE: Joann Denning
Joann Denning is the Department Chair of Art Digital Media and Film Television at DVC and holds a key RVPA leadership role. She will be presenting a session titled “Strategic Alliances: Nurturing Active Industry Engagement for Regional Virtual Production Academy in California Community College Career Tech” during April’s CCAOE Conference.

ACM.org: From ML Engineering to AI Engineering

This talk explores the unique challenges of productionizing foundation models compared to traditional machine learning models. Despite sharing some core principles, foundation models introduce new complexities due to their open-ended nature, advanced capabilities, and computational demands.

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Upcoming Events

3/14 @6PM Virtual Production Tech Talk & Info Session (details here)
3/27 @4PM Quarterly BayICT Partnership Meeting (details here)
4/23 – 4/27 CCCAOE Spring 2024 Conference (details here)
6/5 – 6/6 AI & Big Data: Expo North America (details here)