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Accelerate Your Creative Vision: One Year, Six Community Colleges, Limitless Possibilities in Virtual Production

Working Together to Provide Courses in Virtual Production

Berkeley City College

Diablo Valley College

Laney College

Mission College

Ohlone College

Santa Rosa Junior College

Spring 2024

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Fundamentals Certificate of Achievement

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Core Courses (6 courses, 18 units)BCCDVCLaneyMissionOhloneSRJC
3D AnimationMM/AN 20AARTDM 160GDS 039ADAID 122APTECH 43
Intro to digital imaging (photoshop)MMART 3ARTDM 105GRART 036GDS 064DAID 103CS 70.11A
Intro to Film ProductionMM/VI 9AFTVE 160 or ARTDM 149Media 104GDS 074DAID 111MEDIA 20
Intro to Game Design & DevelopmentMM/AN 40AARTDM 180DAID 118CS 42
Intro to visual effects (VFX)MM/AN 22BARTDM 141DAID 128APTECH 162
Intro to Virtual Production ARTDM 192Media 044ADAID 129CS 77.11

Motion graphicsMMART 5AARTDM 140Media 140 GDS 081DAID 112
Video editingMM/VI 20AFTVE 165Media 136GDS 074CS 74.22
Animation 2DMM/AN 1AARTDM 165DAID 115
ModelingMM/AN 21AARTDM 161GDS 039ADAID 122APTECH 63
InternshipMMART 468 ARTDM295 Media 460A WEX195

Preparing For Careers in VP

responsible for organizing and scheduling virtual production activities, including communicating with team members, arranging meetings, and ensuring that project deadlines are met.

Salary estimate

$75,759 to $89,963

responsible for creating the virtual assets, including 3D models, textures, and animations, that are used in virtual production.

Salary estimate:

$58,109Β andΒ $72,555

responsible for operating and maintaining the virtual production equipment, including cameras, motion capture systems, and real-time rendering software.

Salary estimate:

$63,926Β andΒ $80,513


responsible for animating characters and objects in the virtual environment, using motion capture data and keyframe animation techniques.

Salary estimate:

$79,096 to $102,264

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