Ohlone College Unveils State-of-the-Art Green Screen Studio

RVPA Faculty Lead: Monica Cappiello

This development is set to revolutionize the way students in the Digital Arts and Interactive Design Department engage with Virtual Production, Lighting and Layout, and Motion Graphics.

Monica Cappiello, Assistant Professor in the Digital Arts and Interactive Design Department, played a pivotal role in bringing this innovative studio to life. Her expertise and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the curriculum, ensuring students receive a comprehensive education in utilizing green screens for creative digital projects.

The curriculum boasts a hands-on approach, offering students immersive experiences using green screens to replace backgrounds. This skill is essential for creating imaginative and seemingly impossible scenes, a hallmark of today’s digital storytelling. Courses will delve into the fundamentals of lighting and camera setup, ensuring students master the art of clean and seamless chroma keying. This technique is critical for removing the green screen and seamlessly integrating subjects into new digital environments.

Furthermore, the creative process takes center stage as students explore designing and creating virtual backgrounds. They will have the opportunity to work with industry-standard software tools for digital compositing, gaining practical skills that align with the demands of the professional landscape.

Ohlone College’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities reflects its dedication to preparing students for success in the dynamic fields of Virtual Production, Lighting, Layout, and Motion Graphics. The unveiling of this green screen studio marks a pivotal moment in the institution’s mission to foster creativity, innovation, and hands-on learning.

In a significant leap forward for hands-on education, Ohlone College has recently unveiled its latest addition - a colossal green screen studio measuring an impressive 24’7” by 21’

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