March 23 Quarterly BayICT Meeting


The meeting objectives were:

  • Review what’s really happening in the tech job market and how is may be influencing career education programs and student employment
  • Share how BayICT partners are responding to the trends
  • Discuss opportunities to collaborate in those responses

The agenda began with partner announcements (see the meeting recordings for more details):

  • AWS is offering an instructor’s AI/ML bootcamp April 15-29. Registration is open. Successful completors receive a $1200 stipend and CE credits. See the chat transcript for important links.
  • CSM has begun its 5th cohort for the Cloud Foundations AWS certification. (Over 100 students have completed.) Coming fhis summer: Cloud Architect
  • Introduction to the East Bay / Inter-Agency Training Council (EB/IATC) and opportunities for employer/workforce development collaboration.

The meeting presentation reviewed the following:

  • The jobs, people, and programs being impacted
  • Pandemic and post-pandemic influences 

Takeaways and next steps from the ensuing discussion were:

  • Every organization, regardless of sector, requires tech talent. Place more focus on tech jobs in non-tech companies and organizations
    • Identify the organizations with the need, raise awareness of how we develop the talent they require, and develop workforce dev partnerships
  • Internships and apprenticeships lead to jobs but employers are unwilling to make the investment
    • Identify and pursue funding to fully or partially pay interns and apprentices


To take action, we recommend forming two special interest groups (tech jobs in non-tech orgs & funding pay for internships/apprenticeships) that can meet to continue the discussion and exploration into solutions. If you’d like to participate in one of these BayICT SIGs, please reply to this email.

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