January Tech Talk: The Power of Professional Associations

Unlocking Career Success with The Power of Professional Associations

During this discussion, we delved into the value of professional associations, the faculty stresses the importance of student engagement in cybersecurity in the San Francisco Bay Area. Particularly, the significance of networking, events, and mentorship opportunities. Terri highlights the educational programs, speakers, and networking benefits of these associations. Volunteering for free entrance to conferences is mentioned as a way to connect with industry professionals. The conversation concludes with a reminder to check the website for archived tech talks and an announcement about the next talk on enhancing education with GPT and Artificial Intelligence, ensuring the recording of the current talk will be available online.


Key Discussion Points:

  • The Dynamics of Mentoring: Understand the dynamic nature of mentorship and how it contributes to career growth.
  • Building Networks: Discover the power of networks in identifying mentors who can cater to various career-related needs.
  • Connecting Students with Opportunities: Terri will share ideas on how community college faculty can facilitate in-classroom opportunities for students to connect with local companies and hiring managers through professional associations

Our Speaker

Terri Oropeza

Terri brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as CIS Faculty, specializing in Internships and Work Experience at Cabrillo College. With a passion for guiding students toward thriving careers, Terri has been instrumental in fostering connections between education and industry.