January Tech Talk

“Jobs in Data Analytics”

One of the highest-demand technology careers right now is Data Analytics. Basically, these jobs involve using specialized software to look through large amounts of data–think website clicks, historical climate information, even baseball statistics–to better understand what’s going on. This panel of working data analysts from PayPal, Intel, and Google will talk about what it took to get their job and answer questions from participants.


Our Panelists

Rakesh Ramakrishnan

Rakesh is a research scholar, an artist, a dreamer, a mentor, and an experienced Data Scientist who loves grinding through data to extract actionable insights. He has published several articles and is a frequent speaker at conferences and colleges about Machine Learning and Data Science. He joined PayPal in 2022 and exhibits his analytical and fraud forensic skills in protecting PayPal merchants from credit risks along with his team of highly qualified Data Scientists. His thirst for knowledge and his passion for data has pushed him toward responsible AI development.


Sean Greenlee

After his service with the United States Marine Corps, Sean started working back in the Warehouse and Logistics Industry starting over as an Order Selector and working up to Logistics Manager. Sean decided this was not what he wanted as a career and went back to school achieving his MBA from Golden Gate University where he began a data science career with Intel as a Business Development and Process intern. For the past three years, he has continued his tenure with Intel as a full-time Data Scientist.


Ray Kaupp (Moderator)

Ray Kaupp is the Regional Director for the Information and Communications Technology sector of the Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC). He works with employers to understand what skills they are looking for, and with the 28 San Francisco Bay Area community colleges so they can teach those skills. Ray is a proud product of the California public education system, beginning as a confused kid at Mesa College in San Diego, then a BS in marketing from SDSU, an MBA from Cal, and an Ed.D from San Francisco State. He’s been a teacher and administrator in the California community college system for over 15 years.