Tech Talk (4/25) “Starting from scratch, a Cyber Security Alum’s Career Journey”

Tech Talk (4/25) “Starting from scratch, a Cyber Security Alum’s Career Journey”

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  • Overview of Juan Soberanes’s career journey, highlighting significant milestones and challenges.
  • Discussion of the educational background, including attendance at institutions like WGU and Cabrillo, and the role of certifications in shaping Juan Soberanes’s career in cybersecurity.

Education and Certification Path:

  • Detailed exploration of the educational journey, emphasizing the significance of institutions like WGU and Cabrillo in Juan Soberanes’s career development.
  • Highlighting the certifications obtained and their relevance to the cybersecurity field.

Current Goals and Vision for Cybersecurity:

  • Explanation of Juan Soberanes’s current career aspirations and vision within the cybersecurity domain.
  • Insightful analysis of emerging trends and future prospects in the cybersecurity industry, based on Juan Soberanes’s perspective.

Initiatives with Cyber Ducky and Bay Cyber:

  • Overview of Juan Soberanes’s involvement with Cyber Ducky and Bay Cyber, focusing on training initiatives tailored for newcomers and career changers in cybersecurity.
  • Discussion on the innovative approach to training and content creation, emphasizing the goal of making learning enjoyable and engaging.

Interactive Session:

  • Engaging the audience through interactive discussions, inviting questions and feedback on cybersecurity interests and barriers to entry.
  • Encouraging participants to share their learning preferences and areas of interest, which will shape future content creation efforts.

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Date: Thursday 4/25/24 

Time: @ 6 pm PST

Location: Online via Zoom (no registration required)


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2024-04-25 @ 06:00 PM to
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