December Internet Infrastructure Tech Talk

Demystifying the Infrastructure of the Internet

In a collaborative discussion, Ray Kaupp and Mike Berman outlined their efforts to enhance understanding between industry and colleges, aligning courses with industry needs. Mike, sharing his career journey from a middle school teacher to his current role at AWS, emphasized the importance of prioritizing career pathways and family-sustaining incomes for students. The conversation delved into the demand for infrastructure-related roles, advocating for program updates in colleges to meet industry requirements, and explored pathways for high school graduates, including apprenticeships in both physical and cloud infrastructure. Former training director Carl Cimino provided insights into apprenticeships, while Ray Kaupp encouraged participants to share contact information for continued engagement, with the meeting recording available for educational use.

The discussion underscored the imperative to prepare students for high-demand jobs in cloud and physical infrastructure, emphasizing collaboration and project work in coding education. Wallace Tang expressed appreciation for learning from real-world experiences, and participants were urged to connect with Bay ICT for additional information and resources, creating a comprehensive dialogue on the intersection of education and industry needs.

Our Speakers

Mike Berman

Mike Berman, Principal of Economic and Workforce Development at Amazon Web Services (AWS), is an experienced education and workforce professional. With a background in administration and advising, he has a track record of building successful teams and driving innovations to increase educational opportunities. Mike’s previous roles include Director of Development in East Palo Alto, where he achieved eight-fold annual fundraising growth, and contributions to Aspire Public Schools and the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, highlighting his commitment to education and economic development.

Ray Kaupp

Ray worked in marketing at Apple, then on startups including BroadWare and DIGI. After Cisco bought BroadWare, he spent 15 years in the California community college system. Dr. Kaupp’s focus has been on working with employers to understand what they’re looking for when they hire, and helping colleges update their programs to align with those needs.