Customer Service in the Age of AI – Positioning Yourself for Relevance and Success

Join Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024 10 aM PST

Do you know a Customer Service Representative that is charming, and patient 24x7x365? If your first thought was “No human would be able, or is willing to do that”, you thought right! But here comes the AI (Customer Service) Representative in the age of ChatGPT.

Combining programmed emotional intelligence and the vast data store that is available, the AI Representative has already passed the Turing Test – a test, if passed, proves there’s no discernible difference between a human and a machine.

Keson Khieu – CISSP, PMP is a servant-centered  leader. Keson has served in the role of a Chief of  DHCS Business Intelligence, State Department Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Security Officer (ISO), Project Director, and Project Manager in the last fourteen years. Keson is also an adjunct faculty member at many Universities and Community Colleges. Keson is currently serving as the CIO at Emergency Medical Services Authority. Keson is passionate about Change Management and Data-driven Digital Information. 

Keson will take you on an inspirational and informational journey into the world of Customer Services in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Together with participants, Keson will dissect the AI and ML capabilities for existing Customer Service Representatives to make plan to capitalize on AI/ML to ensure continued relevance and success.

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