April Tech Talk (4/25) “Starting from scratch, a Cyber Security Alum’s Career Journey”

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In the “Tech Talk (4/25) ‘Starting from scratch, a Cyber Security Alum’s Career Journey'”, Olivia Herriford introduces Juan Soberanes, a cyber security alum who shares his non-traditional career journey. Juan, currently working at BX in San Jose, started from scratch after being denied entry to the Air Force Academy and discovered his passion for cyber security through free certifications offered by Next Gen cyber talent.

He emphasizes the importance of soft skills, particularly communication, in his career and encourages staying curious and continuously seeking new knowledge. Sophia, another speaker, shares her experience of discovering her interest in cyber security and the importance of focusing on a few specific areas of interest and practicing skills repeatedly. They both stress the significance of identifying one’s “why” or the difference one wants to make in the world as a driving force for career changes and building relationships and networking for professional growth.

Our Speakers

Juan Soberanes

Juan Soberanes is a cybersecurity enthusiast with a mission to revolutionize technology learning through entertainment. Recognizing the need for diverse perspectives in the cyber field, Juan founded CyberDucky as a movement to bridge the technology gap. He is open to partnerships and sponsors to further this initiative.

Juan’s goals include advancing his expertise in Offensive Security, obtaining the CISSP certification, and exploring the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

With a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security from WGU and an Associate of Science in Network Administration from Cabrillo College, Juan has laid a strong foundation for his career. He holds several CompTIA certifications, including A+, Network+, Security+, PenTest+, and Project+. Additionally, Juan is a proud member of ISC2 SSCP.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and innovation, Juan is committed to making a meaningful impact in the cybersecurity landscape.