2023 Q1 ICT-DM Newsletter


As we march into Spring and I review all the projects currently underway in the ICT/DM arena, it feels a little overwhelming! This month’s newsletter will bring you up to date on everything going on, but I’d like to put a spotlight on an emerging hot topic: AI in education.


The AIDA project, hosted at Laney College, has gotten approval for the first courses in a model curriculum in Artificial Intelligence. Built on a foundation provided by Intel in cooperation with the Maricopa Community College system in Arizona, this promises to be a popular program for students wanting to work on the leading edge. I wonder what AI like YouCHAT would do, to clean up that paragraph? 


OK, here’s what YouCHAT turned it into:


“The AIDA project, located at Laney College, has recently been approved to offer the first courses in a new Artificial Intelligence curriculum. This program is based on a foundation established with the help of Intel and the Maricopa Community College system in Arizona, and is expected to be very popular among students interested in cutting-edge technology. It’s exciting to see this kind of opportunity become available for students, and I’m curious to see how YouCHAT would make this paragraph even clearer.”


Yikes! I thought I was a pretty good writer, but that was a pretty strong edit! As we struggle to understand the implications of these tools, especially as it pertains to our work in education, we are reminded of a fundamental truth: technology often jumps ahead of behavioral norms, legal frameworks, and policy decisions. But we all need to engage with the process of figuring out how to deal with this stuff. And it is important that our students understand the implications of the tech, not just the tech itself.


Thanks for your thoughtful participation in the dialogue, and for everything you do to help our students succeed in school and in their careers!


Best Regards,  Ray


March 23 @ 4:30PM via Zoom

Our second quarterly meeting for 2022-2023 will be focusing on Cyber Security, our initiative to prepare Bay Area community college students for CS. We’re seeking input from employers, industry, faculty, workforce development, and community partners on how we achieve that goal.

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AIDA Update

The AIDA project is making progress with the curriculum development at Laney College. Three courses have been approved by the local curriculum committee the week of March 6th: CIS 96L – Natural Language Processing I, CIS 96M – Natural Language Processing II, and Math 100 – Math of AI.


The AIDA project is making progress with the curriculum development at Laney College. Four courses have been approved by the local curriculum committee the week of March 6th: CIS 96L – Natural Language Processing I, CIS 96M – Natural Language Processing II, and Math 100 – Math of AI.


On January 18th, Dean Angel Fuentes from Laney College joined Intel and other college partners at the American Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) Workforce Development Institute opening panel to discuss efforts around the country to prepare the US workforce with critical AI skills. On April 1, 2023, Tuan Nguyen, Faculty at Laney College, will serve as a panelist at AACC’s national conference to discuss the certificates and degrees in development at Laney College to address the need for AI-skilled talent.


“We are thankful for the LMI data from John Carrese and the support from Laney College’s co-chair who has guided the AIDA team!” – Tuan Nguyen 


Dean Angel Fuentes also participated in the AWS Machine Learning University Educator Enablement Program Kick-off Event in Seattle, Washington on Friday, January 13, 2023. The program helps community colleges, Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs), and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) teach data management (DM), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) concepts. It is designed to support students who are historically underserved and underrepresented in technology disciplines. Overall, the AIDA project is making strides in developing AI education and preparing students for the workforce of the future. Read Working Nation’s article about AWS MLU’s efforts to support educators at community colleges, HBCUs, and MSIs – including our very own AI Champion, Dean Angel Fuentes.

Cybersecurity Update

Brought To You By SANS And Google, Offers The Skills To Secure Cloud Infrastructure And Sensitive Data Through SANS OnDemand Training And Hands-On Labs With Industry Experts.

2023 Schedule

Date application opens: March 1

Date application closes: April 14

Date training begins: June 8

NextGen Cyber Talent has expanded its program to offer grants for completing cybersecurity courses to students at ALL Bay Area community colleges. 

During the year-long pilot at CCSF, NextGen awarded over $30,000 to students who completed cybersecurity courses with a B or better and/or successfully earned an industry certification.

Attention Cybersecurity Faculty: Please share this opportunity for your students to attend the 3rd annual, award-winning, virtual Purple Hats Conference – the FREE industry destination for cybersecurity practitioners to collaborate, share ideas, and learn how to evolve from a reactive to proactive threat-informed defense!

Taking place April 6th at 11am EST, Purple Hats provides free access to globally recognized experts, technical content, and innovative techniques for improving your security posture and building a stronger, more collaborative team.


Few Spots Left @ Free 10-Day Workshop

The AWS Internet Infrastructure Workshop is a free, 80-hour program that combines lectures, hands-on experiences and facilities tours, to propel students towards a career path in internet infrastructure. The program will open doors to an apprenticeship, employment or additional training for further specialization. 

  • Activities led by industry experts
  • Field trips to local infrastructure and training sites 
  • Priority access to the Internet Infrastructure Job Fair
  • Industry recognized OSHA 10 certification

RVPA Updates


The RVPA is going to be on the road! Catch our team at the CCCAOE plenary session, on 4/21 at 9:30 AM. Hear about project progress, curriculum, labor demand, and from our industry partner AWS! Click here to learn more. 


Also on the panel was RVPA Advisory Board member, Eric Weaver, Head of Virtual & Adaptive Production at the Entertainment Technology Center. The first annual Silicon Valley Video Summit (SVVS), Jan. 26 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, was a vibrant exchange of broadcast and tech thought leadership focusing on the burgeoning market for Big Tech in Video and Broadcast. A consistent theme was raising awareness of the opportunities and the need for preparing a rapidly evolving workforce.

Tech Talk Highlights

We’ve had amazing Tech Talk speakers this past quarter!

Thank you to Joann Denning for being our February guest moderator! She is one of the professors help to lead the RVPA with Olivia Herriford. 


The WASTC-hosted Winter ICT Educators’ Conference Playback is available!


BayICT will be doing a roadshow to reconnect with ICT/DM administrators and faculty at all of our 28 member community colleges. Our objective is to highlight resources and support available via BayICT and also to learn more about how BayICT can better support individual colleges.
Already have a meeting in mind? Share the meeting details via this link and we’ll be sure to join. 

Upcoming Events

March 23 at 4:30 – Partnership Quarterly Meeting (Cybersecurity)
March 23 at 12:30PM  – Silicon Valley Video Summit Virtual Q&As (3/23)
April 11 at 4:00 – AIDA Spring Advisory
April 19 – 21 in Sacramento  – CCCAOE Spring Conference
June 12-16 and June 19-23 WASTC ICT FDW (registration available April)