Regional Vote Timeline

All plans for expenditure of Regional SWP Funds, both Direct-to-College and Regional RJV Fund must be entered into NOVA by January 31, 2018. Proposals may be revised through February. (Note that we won’t know the exact amount of the 17% Incentive Fund until January or possibly later. Due dates for plans funded from the 17% will be adjusted accordingly.)

December 1, 2017

  • Allocation of Regional Funds between Direct-to-College and RJV Fund determined

  • RJVs seeking RJV Fund support rank ordered by a vote of 28 colleges

  • RJVs that receive a minimum of 110 points are eligible for support from the RJV Fund

December - January

All RJVs that are seeking support from the RJV Fund and/or direct support from participating colleges take into consideration comments/feedback from conversations with stakeholders at December 1 meeting, revise concept and budget and enter complete proposals into NOVA

  • RJVs continue to seek direct support from colleges out-of-their Direct-to-College funds

  • RJVs eligible for support from the RJV Fund may determine whether they wish to submit proposals in NOVA based on their ranking and amount of RJV Funds available

December 4 - 7

  • RJVs eligible for RJV Fund support estimate budget needs in light of ranking and amount allocated for RJV Fund

December 8, 2017, 1 to 2:30 (Tentative)

Conference call for RJVs eligible for support from the RJV Fund

  • Review budget requests and estimate how far down the prioritized list funding will go

  • Overview entry of projects into NOVA

January 15, 2018

  • Deadline for eligible RJVs seeking support from the Regional RJV Fund to have entered proposal into NOVA

January 16 - 23, 2018

  • BACCC Committee reviews eligible RJVs entered into NOVA and recommends RJVs and funding levels to Consortium

  • Recommendation distributed to colleges for electronic vote

January 31, 2018

Votes due on recommendation. Final decision made on RJVs receiving RJV Fund support.

All plans for utilization of 2017-18 SWP Regional Funds (Direct-to-College and RJVs) due in NOVA

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