Bay Area Guided Pathways Resources and References

About Us

Guided Pathways Regional Coordinators

  • Provide an important level of local support for colleges and districts in their Guided Pathways implementation.

  • Foster regional collaboration and serve as liaisons between colleges/districts and the Chancellor's Office.

  • Help inform development of needed tools and resources as colleges work to integrate the GP framework.

  • Are available to help colleges and districts get answers to their questions and share resources, tools, and promising practices. BARC/GP RCs

Our Approach

Our iterative approach is focused learning college practitioners working together across their colleges and communities are prioritizes and integrating to increase retention, particularly for students historically under supported. We see this work as absolutely organic and building off of existing equity success in college communities, including adult ed/noncredit, categorically funded, strong workforce, etc. We are especially excited by faculty and staff success at scale! Accordingly, please share resources you and your community have found useful and/or created. We also would love to share links to those blogging or posting about their GP learnings.  

Krista Johns, J.D.

Katherine Bergman, J.D.