Bay Area Colleges Team Up to Create A.I. Programs For Students


AIDA on the Morning News!

The CBS Bay Area News broadcast this morning featured an insightful segment on the AIDA project, celebrating the team’s outstanding accomplishments and the project’s role in introducing AI throughout the region. This recent recognition by CBS Bay Area News underscores the growing importance of AI programs in today’s rapidly evolving world. As industries increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making, the AIDA project’s contributions are more vital than ever. 

During the interview, Angel Fuentes, the dean of Workforce Development at Evergreen Valley College, discusses the opportunity for community colleges to teach students about AI. He explains that community colleges can provide more innovative and nimble programs to meet the demands of the industry. Fuentes also discusses the potential uses of AI, such as using Grammarly for proofreading and finding outdated information online. He acknowledges concerns about plagiarism but believes that solutions can be found to support students while ensuring positive and rigorous instruction. Overall, Fuentes sees teaching AI as a valuable opportunity for community colleges to prepare students for AI-related jobs.

“Some colleges around the Bay Area have offered classes to teach students how to work with A.I., Angel Fuentes, a Dean at Evergreen Valley College, joins the morning team to educate the importance of awareness of the future impact of artificial intelligence and the benefits of joining the tech industry straight out of college.” (09/14/2023 broadcast)


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